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A buring sensation?

Whilst driving amid the smoky roads of Grahamstown, I decided to check out what was on fire (once again) and it was incredible. A howling wind was pushing a fire through the outskirts of Grahamstown towards people’s homesteads and the Universities Residences situated on the Hill. The fire was literally stopped a few metres from Kimberly Hall where a crowd of students with water buckets and bundles of bushes tried to fight the flames. In between the students a group of Campus Security Guards (CPU) where trying hard form letting the University buildings catch flames. Not a single fire truck or fireman to be seen throughout my excursion, which resulted in me, slinging my camera on my back keeping my finger on the shutter release and fighting some flames and smouldering pieces of wood with a wet bunch of shrubs. See more pics here by Michael Salzwedel.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | Wednesday, November 02, 2005 4:45:00 pm |  

    what is up with grahamstown and all its fires lately... hmmm.. some say arson some say nature.. who knows. here are my pics from today's little blaze: http://deepblue.rucus.net/fire