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On a more serious note

I took a break today and sat back, listened to La Valse d’Amelie by Tiersen, and thought to myself how lucky I am, how lucky many of us actually are. All the posts on this blog have a humorous note to them, they often reflect issues, happenings or problems, however what do they really mean? What does your specific problem actually mean?

I think many of us would/should be able to sit back and put our problems and thoughts into relation to those of others. Our daily issues and those which haunt us since our childhood are completely relative. By consciously seeking this relativity of these problems they would actually seem quite trivial. People often make up their own problems and need them in order to present a troubled self in order to attract recognition and attention. Others bottle them up and in so doing become introverts and bitter beings. And what is the use of always seeking for issues, and reeling them in especially if they are from the past. If we would take a few seconds every time before complaining, putting our problems into perspective, ordering them into categories of importance, affect and consequence and then relating them to the larger picture, I think we could save much time and energy complaining and rather focusing on what is actually important. Whilst the world around us is suffering from a vast amount of inhumane and perverse issues we are so self absorbed and obsessed that our egoistical conduct would put us to shame when presented next to those who have problems which we have been kept safe from till now. I am not saying that we should ignore and forget all our problems, but we should respect the people around us and give them some degree of dignity if their suffering has more substantiality than ours. And with respect I mean: stop complaining and moaning about trivial and unnecessary issues, please.

We definitely do not take enough time to put things into perspective and realise that our life is fantastic, beautiful, exciting and full of challenges.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | Wednesday, November 09, 2005 3:21:00 pm |  

    preach it brother! amen!

    wise words.