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L'Oreal - cause I'm worth bugger all!

So I’m sitting next to a friend watching The Brothers Grimm, next to me some retarded imbecile who decides to spit out his phlegm by his feet (yes IN THE MOVIES) and during the feature, at its most intense moment, little 14 year old"I- think-I’m- hot-cause- I-speak-loud- during- the-movie- and-flip-my- hair-back-every- 3-seconds”, whips out her bloody L’Oreal nail polish and begins stroking those under-aged scratchers, exposing the stinging smell into the theatre and giggling ditzily at the screen…only here in Sandton on a Friday night…

So here is this girl (see adolescent in white top–centre of the picture) with her little push-up bra and freshly whiffy polished nails - wish I could have taken a picture while it happened and expose her infantile retardedness to the blog-world…


  1. Anonymous angie sparg | Wednesday, January 11, 2006 7:36:00 pm |  

    helloooo my sexy photographer friend!!!!!!! just a quick hello from london to say happy new year etc nd cant wait to see u guys again!!!!!!!!!i come back to sa on sturday after being away for a month-serious case of the travel bug!!!!!!!hope u are well love to all ange xxx nice blog by the way-im kinda getting into this whole thing! chat soon