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Anybody want a PSP charger?

I'm watching movies with Gail, its past 2am, when Scott and Marcus come home they and discover that they had a break in, whilst we were there...

What happened? Whilst we in the adjacent room, some high-on-glue kids unscrewed the burglar bars in Scott's room (from the inside?) and bent them open. Based on the size of this opening these thieves could not have been older than 12 or 15.

They cleaned out Scott's room, taking nearly his entire wardrobe and then proceeded into the corridor to Marcus' room taking his watch and his PSP (leaving behind all the games and the recharging device).

Scariest part was that we where in a room, right next to Scott's and heard absolutely nothing. And if we would have, what would/should I have done?

When our local security service (Hi-Tech) arrived, they explained to us that they normally drive these poverty stricken crooks outside Grahamstown (if they catch them!) what happens there would be another story in itself. But either way, these kids are often caught and get away with a hiding at most.