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FBI using morse code and smoke signals...

According to CNN, a bunch of FBI agents still do not have access to an email account. Apparently only 100 of the 2000 New York FBI agents have an Internet-ready mobile phone (e.g. BlackBerry). And, according to the FBIs top official, budget constraints are forcing some agents to work without e-mail accounts.

According to the Daily News, some agents have had to use their personal e-mail accounts to do their official business. The FBI says it would like to be able to issue government e-mail access to all employees, but just doesn't have the money.

...sounds like Gmail could have a look into this issue and send out some invites. (Google will surely bring out a Beta-FBI mailing system after they have conquered Mars)

In the meantime, please would all Gmail users invite those FBI agents who have not yet been provided with e-mail accounts?