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More than 2.5 billion people live in rural and remote areas - soon they'll be connected

Inveneo Inc., a non-profit social enterprise, announced today the availability of its new Inveneo Communications System designed to provide computing, Internet Access and VoIP telephony for places with little or no access to electricity or affordable communications.

The Inveneo System is specifically designed to meet the needs of NGOs , local governments and private entities and the communities they serve. It can be used for a wide range of applications that include economic and community development, telehealth, education, humanitarian aid and emergency relief.

Communications Stations are connected to the Hub through long-range WiFi connections, with all the hardware cheap to maintain thanks to open-source software and hydro, solar, wind, or bicycle generator options for power.

In accordance with Inveneo-s open-source philosophy, and in order to maximize the availability of this ICT solution for remote communities, all design information and software is freely available at Inveneo-s website: www.inveneo.org

WiFi definitely seems to be the answer as already proclaimed in this post to facilitate IT communications in developing countries. Is this the first step to counteract the digital divide?