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Meeting people in Steynsburg made easy - buy a Citroen

This is how you meet interesting people:

Take a Citroen C2 and drive it from Johannesburg to Grahamstown. Make sure it breaks down 15 km before Steynsburg where there is no cellphone connection.

Get a friend to drive to Steynsburg and find Moses who tells you to phone Gilbert who does the emergency towing. But Gilbert is sick in bed and after telling this to Moses he suggests we phone Oom Willie (the Godfather of Steynsburg), but Oom Willie is out of town and Chris from Cosmos Motors helps us out. He tows the car to his garage and decides to fiddle with the electronics, with no effect.

Then you should try to phone the Michelin Road Side assistance (and Chris gets upset cause he wants to repair the car) which you pay for on a monthly basis, and you discover that you are put on hold for over 15 minutes. Then you phone Citroen who organise a tow truck which supposedly will arrive within the next 3 hours. You wait with your friends in your car, watching Magnum PI (Season 1) on your video iPod and get a call from the towing company that they will be late.

So you drive the local police station, discover that one of their vans has a wheel stolen, drop of the C2 s keys and continue the journey to Grahamstown in one, over packed Honda. Arriving in Grahamstown you then get a phone call from Oom Willie, who in his broken English asks: Where am I?

Oom is the Afrikaans word for uncle, often applied fondly to the president of the Transvaal Republic Paul Krueger. (Answers.com)