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A clever innovation to warn South African's - when is the next power attack?

Ever seen those Terrorist Warning statuses on TV? What is quite interesting is that the US uses this system to announce the terrorism status, where as South Africauses the same idea to announce the status of our electricity.

Eskom, the South African public electricity provider, announced that they will show the national power grid s status on SABC television channels and advise residents what to do when electricity demand starts outstripping supply.

Eskom is the largest producer of electricity in Africa and one of the ten largest electricity utilities in the world. The Koeberg nuclear power station has been experiencing numerous technical difficulties and this has cause extensive power cuts nationally as well as to South Africa s neighbouring countries.

The status can also be found online at www.poweralert.co.za.

And on that note, after reading the press releases on various South African news website, such as iol, iAfrica and Cape Times, I was shocked that none of them provided the url for readers to have a look.

This in my opinion is poor online journalism, even if the story was intended for print, an effort could have been made to add a basic link to the story. Online journalism is just not utilised enough!