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Dogpile Web search - Got Poop?

Carly sent me a link to Dogpile and asked me what I thought.

Dogpile is a metasearch engine that "fetches" results from About, Ask.com, FindWhat, Google, LookSmart, MSN, Teoma, Yahoo! and several other popular search engines, including audio and video.

Ha! And, does it really collaborate with all the other search engines? Well, well, what do we have here?

I searched the term Dogpile, in Dogpile, Google, Yahoo and MSN and the results were interesting. All search engines had the same results scattered on their frist page, some ranked higher than others, BUT one result especially, which I found on the first page of Google (ranked 9), Yahoo (ranked 8) and MSN (ranked 26) was NOT present on the first page of Dogpile and was ranked only 31st.

And this might be self explanatory: http://www.dogpilepatrol.com/

Tired of stepping in it, or sick of smelling it? Too busy to pick up after your dogs? Don't risk the health hazards. No more arguing over who is going to scoop the poop! There is a better way to get rid of the Poop in the Yard!An affordable way.

When you do the comparison searches within Dogpile, the results are still different compared to searching in the actual search engine (i.e. Yahoo). The go fetch pun sounds cute, so let us stick with puns for a moment. I want a dog that fetches the ball at least as fast as Google does (and this dog does not). A dog that does not poop on its way (why use the word dog and pile as one?) and one that brings back the right ball!

Dogpile is a cool idea, it might give the impression that your search is more valid, however Dogpile is really a crap name and the comparative searches within Dogpile do not always mach up with those of the actual search engines, questioning its reliability and accuracy.

See what Carly had to say about this Poop search engine :)


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