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Jacob Zuma is guilty, even if the High Court sais otherwise

The Zuma verdict has been announced. After 6 hours of live coverage from the High Court in Johannesburg, Judge Willem van der Merwe proclaimed that the accused would be found not guilty.

There are a variety of reactions, ranging from ecstatic to disappointed and even angry, and because of the nature of this case, that being the issue of rape, people have been very emotive and opinionated throughout the trial and especially during the verdict.

In my opinion, the verdict and the logic that the decision is based on must be respected. On the other hand, there are various key points which have to be taken into consideration. The very fact that Jacob Zuma cheated on his wife with a women half his age. The fact that they had consensual sex even though Zuma was aware of the HIV/AIDS status of his affair, that being HIV positive. The fact that he would in retrospect endanger other women there after which he would have sex with, especially his wife. Then, his ridiculous remark that he had a shower after his encounter, to wash away any possible infection of HIV/AIDS must be one of the most disgusting and dim-witted statements, especially as this comment comes from our former vice president!

In my opinion, Jacob Zuma is guilty! Guilty of moral misjudgement. Guilty of being an appalling role model for the people of this country. Guilty of providing information about HIV/AIDS making it seem like a powerless disease. Guilty of adultery.

I think that because of these notions, many people are upset, as his conduct has been undeniably immoral, and as a public leader of a country should not get away with such actions. And what I do not understand are Zuma’s followers, who have the knowledge of this dishonourable conduct and still support him as a leader.

Over and above all these issues that I have mentioned, this trial now questions the issue of rape and that of women s rights in South Africa.

It would minimise the risk of catching the disease. Quote from Jacob Zuma, explaining to the Johannesburg High Court why he took a shower after having sex with an HIV positive woman.


  1. Blogger Kate | Tuesday, May 09, 2006 7:43:00 pm |  

    Gregor - I'm completely 100% with you on this subject, but i agree with the judge that his guilt had not been proved beyond the shadow of a doubt. Blind loyalty from voters is a serious problem in SA, and one that is ultimately affecting the course of democracy. This is why we dont have a solid opposition to keep gov "on their toes" (so to speak). That's my two cents anyway!

  2. Blogger Carlz | Wednesday, May 10, 2006 12:40:00 am |  

    and to think an American President was not "fit" to lead his country after a consensual sexual encounter?