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Pick and get Sick - how to gag before you dine

This is seriously disgusting. It might sound totally trivial to some, but as a consumer, and one living on a student budget, I do not enjoy wasting my money. And the only reason I am starting to complain is because this is not the first time I am unhappy.

Of the 546gr deboned chicken breasts, bought at Pick n Pay, in Grahamstown, I threw nearly half of it away. Why? Every single chicken breast was full of, erm, long stringy streaks of fat, or whatever it might be. But I basically had to dissect every single piece to end up with a small semi edible portion of chicken.

And this is the problem, I paid for this, it was despicable, I wasted my money. How can Pick n Pay actually package this and put it on the shelf? Easy! They shred the chick and package the breasts with all the flabby fat strings facing downwards, so that you start gagging whilst unpacking it, making you feel ill before your meal!

I would like to ask my fellow Grahamstown bloggers or any blog readers to comment on this problem. Let me know about your thoughts or encounters, and I will send this post to Hello Peter and to the Grahamstown Pick n Pay to get their comment on the issue.

So, in the mean time please watch out for the following product:

Gameston Farm Chicken Breasts, the ones with the Quality Guaranteed stamp. Far end at Pick n Pay Grahamstown.

Maybe there will be more to come?


  1. Blogger Alex Maughan | Saturday, May 27, 2006 11:23:00 pm |  

    I have a huge problem I have with PnP in Gtown is that it is rediculously over-priced. I dont know if it has something to do with transport costs, but things are more expensive in the Gtown PnP then in Joburg. Also, the selction they offer is severely limited. Being quite a big veggie person i am appauled at the fact that there are so many things that i cannot get in PnP. This problem is sometimes solved by going to fruit and veg, but, because I am usually forced to shop after 5pm, this is not always an option, and it is also inconvenient as I cannot get all my shoppin done in one go. Being someone that cycles with bags of shopping this is a huge pain in the arse.

  2. Blogger Carlz | Sunday, May 28, 2006 11:51:00 am |  

    We eat a lot of chicken in my house too and I find that its becoming more expensive to buy chicken. I agree with Alex about the overpriced issue and poor selection. I am also concerned about quality and freshness - especially with regard to the "fresh" vegetables...and as for the hot food counter...

  3. Blogger The Wag | Monday, May 29, 2006 1:14:00 am |  

    As for the chicken, can Pick 'n Pay really be ethically blamed for a product that's made by Gameston? Sure, they shouldn't sell shit, and should refund your money if you're not getting what it says on the pack, they're not the cause of the problem - it's the Gameston dudes. But Pick 'n Pay should be very aware of the quality of the entire range of products they are selling, and come down hard on suppliers if the customer is being ripped off, for instance getting more than 10% fat in a "100% fat-free" meat product etc.

    As for the pricing, I think Pick 'n Pay establishes their prices based on the distance the trucks have to travel i.e. how expensive it is to bring in the stock, which is probably why stuff is more expensive here. Another reason could simply be demand and supply, the high price is simply a result of a relatively high demand -- Pick 'n Pay Gtown is surely one of the busiest in the country.

    There's always Checkers.