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Trust your friends with your life, or at least with your finger

Over a week ago, a series of unfortunate events led to the injury of my middle finger, which felt the uncomfortable sting of a couple of stitches. This injury was induced by a friend of mine, in a not quite sober state, on a sandy dune on the east coast of South Africa.

And since I am on the topic of friends, after a great chicken burger meal, my digs mate Russell, decided after dinner to take the stitches out for me, saving time and money at the local doctors office. So I phoned my friend Donnald, who is medical student in Pretoria, who was busy on call, stitching up a whole bunch of people who where just delivered into hospital, and he gave me, or rather Russell, the go ahead. So in between chicken burgers, soft drinks, nail scissors and tweezers, I closed my eyes and let Russell do what he does best, believing in himself.

It was a leap of faith and trust which fortunately ended successfully, and leaving Russell thinking that he can cast on the next series of Nip Tuck...


  1. Blogger Carlz | Tuesday, May 02, 2006 10:44:00 pm |  

    he's definitely cute enough to be on nip tuck :)

  2. Blogger Ange | Thursday, May 04, 2006 3:08:00 pm |  

    he missed his calling when Jack beat ihm to 'Lost' so i guess Nip Tuck is second best, heheheh. Glad u came out alive Gregor!!!! Sure it was touch and go ;-)