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We Media as in We-stern Media? I hope not!

Here is a summary from the We Media conference in London, about the discussions surrounding Africa and issues surrounding media development.

An interesting point raised was the potential transparency of information, opinion and news via the internet. Here Matthew Buckland (publisher of the Mail and Guardian Online edition and blogger) agreed with Ory Okolloh (a Kenyan blogger) saying that the Rwandan Genocide would not have happened with the internet and that if there was an information flow through Africa, politicians would not allow these things to happen.

It is unfortunate to read on Matthew Buckland s blog that during the We Media conference, the western sole approach towards Africa still focuses on war, famine and poverty and not the accomplishments that are occurring on a regular basis throughout the continent.

I do not really understand this type of pessimism towards a continent that is actually striving in this day and age and is doing very well for itself concerning the economic and technological restrictions. The blog explosions in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa speak for themselves.

I posted the We Media logo on this post as I find the analysis of this, by an Iraqi blogger who is based in London, very interesting.