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Whilst I'm on the topic of NGO

Ok this is really cool. Have a look at The Play Pump Solution, an initiative with some clever thought behind it

This innovative water pump doubles as a children’s merry-go-round, bringings clean water to hundreds of thousands of families in Africa.

While children have fun spinning on the PlayPump, clean water is pumped from underground into a 2,500-liter tank, standing seven meters above the ground. A simple tap makes it easy for women and children to draw water. Excess water is diverted from the storage tank back down into the borehole.

Have a brows through the site. I am busy working on an NGO site myself and am quite interested to what others look like. Will link to my representative NGO soon, watch this space.


  1. Blogger Ceridwen Devi | Monday, May 15, 2006 9:58:00 pm |  

    What a great idea!