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Workshops, Presentations, Style, Aesthetics, Effectiveness

I ran a workshop for the Independent Student Newspapers (Activate) photography team today.

The focus of the workshop was on portrait photography and was, as always, a great experience for me, and hopefully for those who attended.

It ran just over two and a half hours, a tad too long, but did cover the basics concerning the techniques and approaches to this specific style of photography. I used examples of Kim Ludbrook s, Nic Bothma s and my own work, which seemed to really have helped conceptualise the theory.

My next step will be to create future presentations in Flash (thus far I have used PowerPoint). We are currently learning Flash and it already seems like a more flexible and creative and precise medium to present in. Have a look at Vincent Maher s Flash presentation which he gave during the 7th Symposium on Online Journalism. His presentation is not on photography, but the style and manner presented seems very professional and aesthetic, both points which make a big difference when presenting in my opinion.

I would like to see how far I can mould an effective photography presentation in this program.