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Zuma's address to the Nation

Well done to Special Assignment, a television programme presented on SABC3 (South African Broadcasting Corporation). They had an interview with Jacob Zuma tonight, or should we say that the interviewer guided some broad questions which gave Zuma a platform to promote himself. Simply amazing, how the majority of questions where sidelined and focused on aspects that made him look like a national hero. No debate, no questions to reinforce those which were sidelined, journalism at it s best! Gregoogle is not impressed.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | Friday, May 12, 2006 9:24:00 am |  

    well, knowing Johan Abrahams, he is always one for botching things up: he did the silly 'Benny Hinn in Nigeria' story last year-that particular story was misguided, had no coherent character to follow through...you know, the works. Brother is always on some agenda tip:pls see the Truman Prince expose from last year:you could almost swear that Prince had nicked Abrahams' 5c sweets back in primary schl, and that (the S.Assign episode) was his form of payback

    -Tando N.