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Not even Star Trek saw this coming

Not even Star Trek saw this one coming.

It is a sliding door of distinctive technological innovation. The Fukuda automatic door opens just enough to fit the precise profile of the person or the object that is passing through it. The portal saves energy by keeping a door from having to open and close all the way, which according to popgadget and gizmodo japan, helps to maintain a stable temperature in a room, and can prevent dirt, bugs or other materials from entering. In addition to people, this doorway can even be used to accommodate a car coming through a garage door.

Apparently it will be most useful for people who are handicapped or cannot manage to open and close the doors very easily. It is still a prototype, but here is the official website, and it also allows you to practise your Japanese a bit.

I wonder how fast it can open and close, or if it could be set up to do a retinal scan before opening? It could be quite useful here in SA when we need to escape those darn intruders and our trelly doors have malfunctioned.