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A sad moment, I am not surprised, thats the sad part

Edwell Gumbo, a citizen journalist, posted a story on Reporter.co.za about how some school pupils actually believe that having a hot shower after unprotected sex prevents AIDS. This comes as a shock, but an expected one, after Jacob Zuma s testimony during his rape trial where he stated:
It would minimise the risk of catching the disease.
Edwell writes:
On Wednesday, the 7th of June I was shocked when during a lesson with grade eights when one boy argued that if one takes a shower after having unprotected sex, the risk of infection is nil.

I tried to verify whether the boy, a 13year old, was joking or not and I found out that he was dead serious.

I disputed that and more than fifty percent of the class argued against me and said that Zuma is HIV negative today after having unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman because he took a shower after the act.
This quote as literally washed all anti-AIDS efforts down the drain. I do think this deserves more media hype or some kind of drastic damage control.

Dear Jacob Zuma (please feel free to copy this question and ask Mr Zuma if you get the chance):

After tarnishing anti-AIDS efforts and trivialising the prevention of AIDS, due to your idea and statement which now has serious implications, especially with our youth, how do you propose to tackle the issue of AIDS prevention and education now?


  1. Anonymous Nic | Saturday, June 17, 2006 12:12:00 am |  

    not sure if youve heard the latest zuma disaster but apparently in a speech today Good ol' Jakie boy said that he thinks that AIDS should be renamed to include a "T" in it for Test. so his new name i can only imagine would be along the lines of "TAIDS". Our great politician thinks that we should rename an internationally used term because he wants it to include the word Test... good come back Jake the fake. first a shower now a "T".