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Shilo, Odovacar, Spawning, and 19 000 killed

This is just too good not to jump onto the bandwagon. Whilst Jason covers the entertainment section and has posted about the whole Brangilna affair, here is an interesting and different stance on things. I read Tom Eaton s latest column in the Mail and Guardian, it is fantastic! His depiction of the spawning of Shilo (Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt) is just too hysterical! And the name giving scene is quite funny. Here is a short extract:
She shall be named Shilo. Bradley Pitt from Springfield, Missouri, nodded reverentially. I can dig it. A holy name. A biblical place of peace. It is spiritual. Like Las Vegas. No, she continued. I was thinking of...oh, what was that quaint term you use? The Civil War? Oh Shiloh, my Shiloh - 19 000 killed or wounded in 48 hours.

Well, I hope the spawn is healthy and will get tought the right definition of its name. And if you are busy trying to figure out a name for you re newly born, the internet always has a solution. This one is good! BehindTheName.com allows you to specifically choose a name based on categories that you can choose. For example:

How about a little bit of African, Latvian and Maori, mixed with Norse Mythology, Ancient Germanic and Biblical influences: Odovacar Jesse


  1. Blogger Verashni | Wednesday, June 14, 2006 11:58:00 pm |  

    Tom Eaton is a gas... Dominic, Jason and I cornered him at Fest last year and went all crazy-fan like on him. Poor guy. Poor Shiloh too... It can't be healthy having that much attention from birth. Dig the internet naming thing. Can you say... hybridity? Cool blog Gregor ;)