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High-tech bikini combats sunburn

SmartSwim UV bikini features a digital UV meter built right into the garment. The idea is to warn the wearer about the dangers of sunburn and how long you should stay in the sun without getting hurt.

With interest in the risks from skin cancer high, this little number should sell well. Apparently it is made out of 100 per cent top quality Lycra and available in three colours, Techno Silver, plus black or white.

Not only is the meter itself waterproof, it should last for years on its CR2025 batteries. On more moderate days, the belt onto which the meter is mounted can simply be removed.

There are even smarter swimwear products out there for all those hi-tech beach goers. Wonder how the common Camps Bay or Clifton mob would react to this state of the art tech-fashion bikini.

Check out all these sunburns including the world famous Gregoogle sunburn, pity they havent developed the UV detecting speedo!

Showing off cleavage, breasts, bikinis once again!