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1.4 Mil for Cop Car? Who has the facts?

I found this post on 4xforum via Muti, presenting a bling Hummer H1, apparently spotted in Johannesburg, represetning a Police vehicle.

Apparetly it is the personal runabout of the National Commissioner of Police, Jackie Selebi.

A forumite (Rat) comments on this pic stating:

So your taxes have illegally imported a left hand drive vehicle for the National Commissioner of Police that drives around without number plates. You try this.

You may believe these photos to be digitally enhanced, but this goes beyond the question if these images are real or not, fact is, it would not come to a surprise that this is possible in South Africa.

I found this on Muti , a site inspired by Digg and reddit but which is dedicated to content of interest to Southern Africans or those interested in Southern Africa. Muti has recently gotten some publicity from CNN.