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DCI and Jaegermeister - they should sponsor this event!

The DCI so far has been great, both in and outside the conference venue. Well, I would consider the Rat and Olde 65 being part of the conference venue by now! This week has been absolute madness, I need the weekend, next week and the rest of term to reflect and make sense of it.

And thanks to Apfelstrudel, my skull is pulsating and I still seem to be swaggering infront of my laptop. The Jaegermeister cooling machine at the Rat is the bomb!

But tonight is the final, ultimate and last event, watch my moblog to follow our progress...

Today is the last day of the DCI and the end of a long, long, long Highway Africa week. Have a look at the conference pics I have taken thus far.


  1. Blogger Peas | Friday, September 15, 2006 4:09:00 pm |  

    Someone's stolen my name Pflaumen. Serious. Apfelstroodil.