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It time to Captivate!

Get ready for a kick ass student media conference this weekend. The organisers of this conference have worked their butts off to bring this conference together. No doubt it will be a success.

Some of the speakers who will be joining the conference are Graeme Joffe (Highveld Stereo and CNN), Natalie Dixon (SL Magazine) and Matthew Buckland (Mail and Guardian Online)

Unathi (Yfm) was supposed to come as well but cancelled abruptly this morning, in my opinion an extremely unprofessional and dishonourable move.

Highlights will be tomorrows speakers, tomorrow evenings party (with Craig de Sousa) and of course my presentation on Jo’s Toolkit, hehe.

A blog has been set up for the conference, click here to view it and see what people are saying.

I cannow that I can already congratulate Carly, Verge, Mags, Paul, Serena and the crew for organizing this event!


  1. Anonymous Sheetal Makhan | Saturday, September 23, 2006 6:51:00 pm |  

    Good luck on your presentation tomorrow - I'll be seeing you there :)