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Jo wins prestigious journalism award

Carly and Gregor receiving their award....
Originally uploaded by gregor.r.
We did it! Jo, Carly and I received a few minutes of fame on SABC Africa, receiving the Highway Africa Awards for Innovative use of in Africa for the student resource website: Jo’s Toolkit.

The awards are given annually at the Highway Africa Conference to recognise and promote the creative, innovative and appropriate use of new media technology in Africa. Judges are looking for innovative applications of New Media in African journalism and the media, and decided for Jo to win this year’s award in the category of non-profit.

Receiving this award is such an honour and an exciting step towards educating, training and developing student and grassroot media practitioners. I am very excited to see where the site will be going from here.

Thanks to all those who have participated thus far, the site would not have been possible without you!

And a big thanks goes to Colin Daniels! He has been an incredible motivator during the entire process, and I am honoured following his footsteps in winning this award. Colin posted some pics of the awards here.

Pic: Paul Greenway


  1. Blogger Leighton Cooke | Thursday, September 14, 2006 6:04:00 pm |  

    Congratulations.! It's a great site.

  2. Blogger Erik | Friday, September 15, 2006 7:44:00 am |  

    Congrats Gregor! You guys have done an incredibly good job - what a great resource.