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Anti-Mullet campaign takes city by storm

Vincent pissed off a city the other day. He wrote about his latest experience he encountered in Port Elizabeth (sometimes known as "The Friendly City") and received some interesting feedback, an entire editorial on MyPE.co.za, and even a dedicated forum topic entitled "Does PE SUCK?". One of the main issues here is that of 'mullets' and since I also think of these hairdos as quite horrid I made Vin a "I Hate Mullets" badge! Please join in and support this anti-mullet campaign by adding this badge to your blog!

"Urban legends have the mullet dating back to 19th Century fishermen, who wore their hair long in the back to keep warm..."

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  1. Anonymous Dion | Friday, October 06, 2006 3:53:00 pm |  

    Why is the Mullet so popular amongst rednecks? Must be genetic!