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How to create Elephant Dung paper

I stumbles over this example on how to make Elephant dung paper and wanted to find out more. Well, I was glad to find a dedicated Elephant Dung Paper site which also presented some interesting facts about the production process.

  1. On average an elephant will eat 200-250kg of food a day of which 50kg of dung can be gathered.
    One elephant provides enough dung to make 115 sheets of paper.
  2. Elephant dung does not smell that bad. If it does smell that bad then maybe the elephant is ill.
  3. An elephant's dung is just fiber. Elephants are poor digesters of their food over 50% of what they eat comes straight out the other end.
  4. It's 100% bacteria free.
  5. Dung is a waste product if no one makes paper from it it would be pollution.
Creative Paper Onlines advetise their Dung papar as wollows:

Genuine Elephant Dung paper from Africa. Completely sanitized, this unique paper has been created with the Elephants doing the work of including the plant materials! Each package of 6 sheets is different from any other. Includes 6 envelopes (not Elephant paper) to complete your stationery set.

A set of African dung paper costs around $9 compared to those cheap Asian elephants, their dungappaer costs only around $3!

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