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PageFlakes 2.0 - a great upgrade

Last week I posted about my anticipation regarding the newly launched PageFlakes version 2.0. I have now had a chance to browse through the changes and can only say that I am pleasantly surprised.

The redesign of the interface is firstly a dramatic improvement. Users can now choose their own header color and choose between preset layouts for the widgets (aka flakes).

Adding pages, renaming them and setting them up individually have also been made simple. A feature I have been looking forward to is that of sharing pages. Not only can pages be shared by inviting individuals via email, but they can also be shared publicly. Here the option of allowing others to edit content is a vital and improved one!

Then there are set templates which one can add, predefined by categories such as Web 2.0, business or entertainment etc., another handy feature!

The language support is obviously also a major expansion, which will allow this application to grow in user ship and popularity very rapidly.

There seems to be no updated widgets (I might be wrong here) and I still have not come across a decent calendar flake which correlates with dates and times of the to-do-list, a feature which I would find extremely helpful.

All in all this upgrade seems to be a really effective improvement. I have the feeling I'll be commenting on this personalised startpage system again, especially when $Google and $Microsoft are striking back...or will they just purchase again?

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  1. Blogger Wezzo | Tuesday, October 24, 2006 10:18:00 pm |  

    I must say when I first tried Pageflakes I went straight back to google.com/ig. This update is looking so good so far that I've coverted. Thanks for the heads up...