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Veeker - a powerful mobile video platform

MobileCrunch just posted an in depth look at the newly launched mobile video site Veeker.

This site allows you to send mobile video clips via MMS, and then delivers the clips to a set of contacts, public and personal pages.

The Veekerplayer is very effective and useful. You use the Veekerplayer to syndicate your feeds and publish them to other sites. It is even possible to deactivate a Veekplayer embedded in a site without having to go and physically remove the code to do so.As MobileCrunch states: by embedding a Veeker player in your MySpace page for example [or blog as in nmy case], you can give viewers of that page an unprecedented level of visibility into not only your own personal life as depicted in the videos you’ve created, but also a view into the lives of your friends. This increases the immersive potential of any social networking site by an order of magnitude.

A series of short clips can be subscribed to by RSS and feeds of clips can be played automatically in an embedded player on another site.And it works like a charm. I can record video from my mobile phone and send it through Veeker and it appears in a player on my blog.

According to Techrunch, YouTube does support incoming video from phones, but there are quite a few steps that need to be taken to reproduce the kind of functionality that Veeker promises.

Veeker’s unique way of contextualizing video into the rich tapestry of your life and that of your friends is highly compelling, highly addictive, and looks to mash up the power of the social network with the compelling feel of real-life reality TV in a way never before possible.To login to Veeker you have to be either invited or send them a MMS video clip, and I was surprised to see my video clip online within a few minutes.

This service is not just a mobile video hosting service, but also a social networking platform. It is simple to use, it actually works, and it opens up a vast amount of possibilities for vloggers and citizen journalists.Try it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! I have added My Veeker player into my sidebar, look out for some of my, and my contacts' weekly veeks!

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