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Web 2.0 Validator

Yes, yes, another Web 2.0 post. But is your site worthy the Web 2.0 tag? Check out the Web 2.0 validator. You will notice that it does reffer to some strange categories thou.

Gregoogle only scored 11 out of 52, then again I never considered it being Web 2.0. But here is the problem...who defines Web 2.0 (since there are like 678 different definitions) and to what extent can one say a site is Web 2.0? Can any site be 100% Web 2.0?

Oh, by the way, Flickr, which is generally reffered to as Web 2.0 scored 4 out of 51. Gregoogle is more Web 2.0 than Flickr!

I wonder what my score will be if I mention: Chinese Forehead, Less is More, Dave Legg, architecture of participation, Web 2.0 Validator's ruleset, Nitro, Ruby, The Long Tail, podcasting, RDF, and the Semantic Web...

(I validated after posting this post and scored a whopping 22 out of 51!) haha



  1. Blogger Carlz | Monday, October 02, 2006 4:27:00 pm |  

    maybe this is what is mean by the Web2.0 hype! Groogle - come now - u dont need a silly validator to validate your blog! Validation comes from within! Shnitz gives you 50 out 0f 52!