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"The City of Saints" - that's why!

Wikipedia states on the point of Grahamstown's Religion that

"For historic reasons, particularly the vibrancy of evangelism during Grahamstown's heyday, the City is home to more than forty religious buildings, and the nickname the "City of Saints" has become attached to Grahamstown."

As you could see from my previous post I was also under the impression that the number of religious buildings was between 40 and 50.

So today I took my camera, and continued last weeks mission, this time going to the Grahamstown Information Centre beforehand to get a list of all the places of worship and a city map. The list lists close to 100 places of worship! More than double as anticipated by most people I have talked to and good 'ol Wikipedia. And boy it's been a long day and a mission to find these places - and now I've found 35 worshipping places to be exact, of which 6 are unrecognisable and not on the list I have...

Interesting to note is the distribution of these churches. Within the city they are spread out quite evenly, unlike in the Township where one can find up to six churches lined up next to each other.

The flickr set is now filling up slowly, but it will take a good couple of days to finish this list.

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