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No speeding through the animal kingdom

Following a 10 hour drive, some red bulls, dry wors, roadkill, chewing gum, and a kick ass ipod playlist (thanks to Russ), I have reached destination: Johannesburg.

The drive went well, except on our way to Bedford, when a BMW traveling towards us, presented a completely shattered windshield, a crumpled roof and sprays of shiny blood all over the bonnet and windows. The last thing I wanted was a 300kg Kudu on my windscreen so I took it easy on the R350, one of the most hazardous roads I have ever traveled on. It is notorious for its high accident rate due to the large amount for wild animals roaming the area from the surrounding farm lands and game parks. I have traveled that route more than a dozen times during the last four years and every time encountered wild animals either jumping over or alongside the road – once even resulting in a full on emergency stop (damn Porcupine). The area is full of Kudu, Hartebeest, Vervet Monkey, Klip Dassie and small antelope – oh and apparently there are deer too, according to Russ.

On that note – since a lot of us rip Russ of about having seen deer in the Eastern Cape (it sounds absurd since they are not typically African animal species) I found this article which states that the early Settlers brought with them Fallow Deer, also known as ‘Takbok’, to the Bedfords area, over 140 years ago.

All in all, the trip was successful, the car is unpacked, now it is a matter of time getting used to the Jo’burg vibe again – looking forward to some really exciting times here

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  1. Anonymous Vincent Maher | Thursday, November 30, 2006 5:15:00 am |  

    I almost shat myself one night driving from East london to Joburg after a heavy party when I spotted a porcupine out of the corner of my eye in the car lights. The thing puffed up and it looked very weird.

    Glad you made it safely, and get ready for the good times dude.h

  2. Anonymous Gregor | Thursday, November 30, 2006 9:43:00 am |  

    ...and those things aren't really small.
    I was lucky not to have hit it, came over a blind spot and it ran over the road, its quills scratching the side of my car. Within seconds half my luggage was over, under and next to me...