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The water update: no more splish splash

I just received this email from the Director for Communications and Development Division at Rhodes University. Here are a few important points:

  • Please be aware that serious concerns have been voiced over
  • the toxicity levels of the municipal water supply.
  • According to Martin Davies of the Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries
  • Science, over 35 000 fish at the University's Experimental Fish
  • Farm have died over the last few days as a result.
  • The deaths of these fish together with behavioural abnormalities which has been observed are indicative of the presence of heavy metal pollutants in the water.
  • The particles are extremely toxic to human beings and cannot be removed through cooking or boiling water.
  • In the meantime you are requested NOT to drink water from any taps on campus (or at home) and not to cook with this water if your home or residence was affected by the recent water outage.
  • The University is making plans to bring further supplies of bottled drinking water to Grahamstown for distribution to residences.

  • Well, most people I know, including myself, have been drinking the water at some stage during the last three days...but what about the people living in the township area, are they being warned and provided with bottled water?

    Furthermore, what about those residents who do not have the luxury of a network connection and who do not receive this warning email? The local municipality really did a stuffy job at warning Grahamstown residence about this dangerous water problem...

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    1. Blogger Peas on Toast | Thursday, November 02, 2006 1:27:00 pm |  


      Ich liebe das new templatten, mein freind! Nice!

      Hope the work is going ok, and that you're not getting too teraful on leaving das GSpot.

    2. Blogger Gregor | Thursday, November 02, 2006 1:45:00 pm |  

      danke erbse auf toast!

      work is done, weird feeling having no more academic work to do...

      Still at the GSpot for a month, so will keep the tearfulness for the end :P

    3. Blogger Peter Barlow | Thursday, November 02, 2006 1:51:00 pm |  

      Apparently the peeps in the township were not affected as they get water off a different system! :-P

    4. Blogger Gregor | Thursday, November 02, 2006 1:53:00 pm |  

      pete - shot for the update. Yeah, I heard the same. SO for now it's 'stay dirty and thirsty'!

    5. Blogger Peter Barlow | Thursday, November 02, 2006 1:57:00 pm |  

      Yep, dirty cos it might be able to be absorbed through the skin!

    6. Blogger Kate | Friday, November 03, 2006 11:12:00 am |  

      Jeez - how bad is it? An official word fromt the local powers-that-be?

      Dead fish sound pretty serious!

    7. Blogger Gregor | Friday, November 03, 2006 11:16:00 am |  

      Dead fish sound serious, so do smelly armpits!

      There are mixed reports at this stage, but no official warning / clearance from the municipality...very frustrating!

    8. Blogger Peas on Toast | Monday, November 06, 2006 9:19:00 am |  

      This water thing is hectic. I really hope those in the Lokashin were notifed and helped out!

    9. Anonymous Gregoogle | Monday, November 06, 2006 9:59:00 am |  

      Those living in the 'Lokashin' have a different water supply. So they are safe. Back on campus however I still do not know if the water is good to use or not....some one tell me what's going on with our H2O!!!!!!