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Comm-on, just CC your blog!

Adding an appropriate licence agreement to your blog just makes sense!

Forget copyrighting and limiting your content as a blogger, especially if you quote other peoples blogs, like most bloggers do anyway!

This sudden spurt of excitement results from a post I just read by Chilibean , who writes about using a Creative Commons licence for your blog (and thanks to his CC license I can quote him without having to worry about any legal ramifications) :

If your intention, as a blogger, is to have your content and your thoughts distributed as widely as possible, then reserving all your rights to your content is counterproductive.
I strongly recommend reading Chilibean's post as it outlines, and in detail, explains the ideas and the functions behind using Creative Commons licenses as bloggers - and when one actually thinks about it, it seems like a commonsensical idea! Trying to limit your content by using a full copyright statement just is'nt that smart!

Photograph: Getting creative with CC, one of the winners of the CC Swag contest, by Franz Patzig, CC BY 2.O

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