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Discovering lost treasures!

You can find a new set of pics on my flickr account. Initially called QuickSnap, I have renamed the series to The Photographers as it depicts pictures of people taking photographs. These images have been in my archive for four years now and I stumbled across them tonight - taken with a Nikon F80 (a phenomenal camera).

I began the series when I was in London, being a tourist myself and snapping away, when I suddenly noticed that I was standing in the background of a couple who's picture was taken. I thought to myself that I am probably on quite a few strangers' pics and that that is quite an interesting thought...do you know on how many pictures you actually are, and that you might be gazed upon subconsciously by a Japanese family after their visit to the Lost City? In that moment my focus was redirected, away from Westminster Abbey, to the actual tourist, taking pictures of them documenting their surroundings.

Additionally I edited the pics allowing the original colour only to stay with the actual photographer, symbolically representing the background as the picture taken by the photographer.

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