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The Loftcube is ready - give me land or a skyscraper!

So living in Johannesburg is an expensive task. Paying rent or purchasing a place is an even more expensive experience, especially since the property market is perversely overpriced. This sad fact comes at a time where I am looking for a decent place to stay. But thanks to Cherryflava I have found an option which I would (if I could) really consider...

It is called a Loftcube, designed by Werner Aisslinger, and is a prefabricated mobile home, looks very modern, compact, clean, and you can take with you wherever you decide to live...kinda...

Cherryflava describes it as
“a prefab, pod-like lair that you can have helicoptered onto any unused flat surface. No mess - no fuss...brilliant. Interiors can be customised to your tastes and possible pod-landing areas could include the top of high-rise buildings, to unused land in plett”
The interior space is a modular structure, offering customised partitioning via wall panels. The gross living area is just 39sqm, a tad small, but then again it is a mobile home. The Loftcube costs round about €55,000 (or about R522 000)...then there are of course still the property costs, you think they'll be very high? Top of the Carlton Center maybe? Or in your friends backyard?

The Loftcube website is great. It's interactive and explains the concept of the Loftcube with strong visuals and animated story lines.

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  1. Blogger jvonblog | Friday, December 08, 2006 12:51:00 am |  

    There are some pretty good views in Aspen if ya like... I know it wouldn't be ideal with work and all being in Jozi, but think about it when you're rich enough to retire yeah? Haha. Hope you well buddy. Jase

  2. Blogger Gregor | Friday, December 08, 2006 9:37:00 am |  

    ola berg, good to hear from you!
    Good idea, let me just finish off this month, then I'll retire and come bring a loftcube to Aspen, and your housing prob will be sorted too then :P