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A short update

It's been a long, but good week(oh, it's not over yet!). Working for Creative Commons is very rewarding. The work at this stage is always interesting as it is something new and always part of some larger project / idea. I've been doing some web development this week, also laying out website wire frames, collecting content for databases and reading through quite a bit of legal guidelines for upcoming projects. I'm involved with a South African podcasting project which will prove itself highly beneficial in close future, or so I hope. Last night was the iCommons xmas party, with a lot of good food, drinks, and interesting discussions. It is so nice meeting new people (most of whom where Rhodes alumni, but so am I now I guess) and getting acquainted with the office staff on a more social and relaxed level.

Furthermore, Gregoogle is now active in Second Life, flying around and trying to figure out how what works and why – next mission is to visit the Creative Commons Island to meet some commoners - then again, my avatar is quite a scary looking fellow :P

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  1. Blogger Colin | Friday, December 08, 2006 1:51:00 PM |  

    If your avatar looks anything like you I'm afraid people might think you're about to take them to a concentration camp... ;)

  2. Blogger Gregor | Friday, December 08, 2006 1:56:00 PM |  

    Firstly: I would not be surprised if that already existed... Secondly: my hair actually does grow back, eventually :P