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Tackling the commons...

I am currently working at the iCommons offices in Johannesburg, doing an internship for Creative Commons South Africa.

Firstly, the team I'm working with is great. Together with Heather Ford, Daniela Feris, and Rebecca Kahn I'll be tackling various exciting projects, ranging from content, multimedia and web development for the CCsa site, and also a very interesting legal pod casting project. On the list of tasks is of course making tea, shining shoes, fetching the post and polishing the doorhandles (hehe, actually not just yet).

The working environment is fantastic, a small open office with 4 people (including myself) caters for easy interaction and transparency – and with so much happening in the world of CC at the moment I am bound to have an awesome experience here.

I'll be linking to some projects and sites that I'm working on soon. Till then – free your content! :)

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  1. Blogger Carlz | Saturday, December 02, 2006 9:33:00 am |  

    my content is already free :))) sounds so exciting!! send Daniela much love from Jo's mom!

  2. Blogger Paul Thornton Page | Monday, December 04, 2006 11:26:00 am |  

    Hey Brother, whats happening - that is great dude - the environment sounds amazing - can't wait for us all to go for lunch and what not.

    Keep well, starting on Wednesday - going to rock - the job that I thought was the least interesting for me ended up being great. Talk soon!!

    Later skater