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Social networking – it’s all geek to me, or not!

The 27 Geek dinner does not comprise of 27 spectacle-wearing, pale skinned, nerds, discussing the binary code of the mainframe within the Starship Enterprise, but rather of a community of online and net-savvy people, who share a mutual interest in the development and functionality of the online sphere.

The dinner is held monthly, respectively on the 27th day of each month, alternating between Johannesburg and Cape Town, offering an effective real-life social networking platform. The dinners are comprised of speeches, presentations, free wine, and good food, but most of all a gathering where people who normally converse via IM services and are in contact via various online networks, meet, discuss, laugh, have fun, and entertain the overall specific content of online.

In my opinion, the latest Geek dinner (and the first I have attended thus far) was a great success. Thumbs up to the organisers! I felt comfortable socialising and networking since I have gotten to know most attendants via the contexts of their blogs, websites, ect. Meeting people, who one normally only converses with through online social networks creates a sense of a strong, growing, and exciting online community. It is also refreshing switching phone numbers instead of URL’s.

These dinners will strengthen the ties between the local online communities and thus could have very positive and effective effects within local online start-ups and collaborative projects in future.

What ended at 1am, in Melville, with Aquila, Dave, Carly, and Victoire, was a phenomenal evening, which left me with some really exciting contacts and motivation to blog with and for an audience which I have come face to face with. Looking forward to March 27th!

Have a look on Chilibean’s (Chilibean.Chilibean,Chilibean) blog, there is more info and even a video clip of the evening. More pics also to be found on Aquila’s flickr account.

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  1. Anonymous Aquila | Sunday, January 28, 2007 10:47:00 pm |  

    Dude, let the record reflect that the die-hards can party. It was a blast and thanks to you, carls, dave, victoire and everyone else it ended on a high note. (my ears are still ringing)

    Shot for the links and your cool pics.

  2. Blogger Gregor | Sunday, January 28, 2007 10:58:00 pm |  

    My ears where also ringing into the early hours of this morning, but it was well worth it! :)

  3. Blogger Carlz | Monday, January 29, 2007 9:47:00 am |  

    groogle - thank you for being the designated driver - again! wow - I owe you big time :)