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Time to uncover the truth about Brad Pitt and his wrist!

I conducted some research for my last post about the watch advertisement, to make sure that it was accurate. But then I stumbled over what will possible be the worlds largest scam of all times (excuse the pun)!

My last post was motivated by an advert on the back of a Men's Health magazine, which presented Brad Pitt, wearing the new Tag Heuer Carrera watch. Then I started looking at adverts online and I stumbled over a Tag advert which had very similar attributes to the last one. The pic of Brad was identical to the ad I saw in the Men's Health. Just the watches were different. Now isn’t that just grand!? Not only is that very slack from the advertisers, using the same image twice, I also consider this being highly uncreative. But most of all, Brad Pitt is used to market this, however he doesn’t actually wear it. The watches are digitally edited into the picture, making the image firstly a complete lie, and secondly also confirming that the product is actually not worn by Pitt.

The more I write about it, the more I am shocked by this swindl! Sure, advertising to this degree is based on product placement and using public figures to promote products, but when it becomes apparent that the advert is not even ‘real’, when it becomes obvious that a product has been photo-shopped into a generic image, then that also reflects on the ethic of the company who is advertising the product.

The image of Pitt is nothing more than a false landscape beautifying the actual product. Pitt in this case is no different to the mud-ridden hillside presented in Land Rover ads, or the green background of a Kulula advert.

Brad's wrist in both pics are bare, no watch, just some Pittyful armhair...

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  1. Blogger Peas on Toast | Tuesday, January 23, 2007 1:17:00 PM |  

    "Bard Pitt is nothing but a false landscape beautifying the product."

    You got that right Pflaumie. He's a beautiful landscape falsifying the product, I mean..you know what I mean.


    PS: Well done on the research, interesting lack of creativity there by Tag Heuer.

  2. Blogger Colin | Wednesday, January 24, 2007 4:05:00 PM |  

    Gregoogle I think Tags are all fake and you should email Brad and tell him that you are going to burn your personal collection of all his videos...