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The downside of procrastination

Study breaks during exam preparations tend to mostly go pear-shape and lead to excessive procrastination. Its various forms include fire fighting, cooking, reading, drinking, phoning, cleaning, resting of the eyes and of course, blogging. But today was different; today I jumped right back onto my swivel chair and continued my academic intake due to a frightening experience. My 11:15am study break (yes my study breaks are at set times) constituted in switching on the television and being exposed to a game show on SABC3 called: “Walk the Plank”, a poor pseudo–wanna-be-version of “The Weakest Link”.

I will not elaborate much on the lack of quality concerning the presenting, the background music (clearly a mix of the unforgettable “Jeopardy” tunes and the dramatised melodies of “The Weakest Link”) and the poor selection of contenders. On this note I would like to present a question which was asked during the show and the corresponding answers to it:

What South African rodent has black and white quills? Answer given: The Walrus

I'd rather swivel on my chair!