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Zoom Zoom Zuma, it's not over just yet!

Have a look at this post, called the Jacob Zuma Acquittal, presented on Global Voices about responses from the Jacob Zuma rape trial verdict. It combined a variety of bloggers opinions, Gregoogle s post included, and is a very varied and interesting read.

What might be interesting, and we should keep and eye on this, is how the media will pick up on Zuma s corruption trial which starts on 31 July 2006.

SAFM had a guest speaker live today who questioned the number Zuma potential devotees during the upcoming trial, the speaker talked about thousands of followers by that time. The South African media will have to address this issue carefully but critically as this was the initial predicament Jacob Zuma found himself in after the Shaik trial and which questions his intentions, integrity and once again his moral values.

We have a former vice president who has been accused of rape, found not guilty, yet guilty of serious moral misjudgements. We have a former vice president who now prepares himself for his next trial which screams corruption and bribery. And what are the questions lingering in the background at the moment? Zuma for president? There are people out there that actually have the nerve to think about the option of Zuma becoming South Africa s next president. Wow!

*Thanks Mike for the headline idea!