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Have a break, have a...

Gregoogle is on a break. So watch my moblogging space, which I will update regularly.

And in the meantime, whilst I am not blogging and others are, have a look at Vincent Maher s latest publicity photos, or view his longest blog post ever. Track Colin Daniels whilst he will be working as the chief web developer during iCommons and check what Ceridwen Devi has to say about exploding Dell computers. If that is not enough, you can always read some entertainment news on JvonBlog, or see what the Ritz is up to in her cyberspace.

If you need more please feel free to click on my blogroll and find some cool stuff.

Over and out, lock and load, see you soon.

Oh, if you are still looking for naked schoolgirl pics (by the way thanks to all those pervs who are upping my hits on this) please feel free to find them here.

By: Gregor | Thursday, June 22 at Thursday, June 22, 2006 | |

A sad moment, I am not surprised, thats the sad part

Edwell Gumbo, a citizen journalist, posted a story on Reporter.co.za about how some school pupils actually believe that having a hot shower after unprotected sex prevents AIDS. This comes as a shock, but an expected one, after Jacob Zuma s testimony during his rape trial where he stated:
It would minimise the risk of catching the disease.
Edwell writes:
On Wednesday, the 7th of June I was shocked when during a lesson with grade eights when one boy argued that if one takes a shower after having unprotected sex, the risk of infection is nil.

I tried to verify whether the boy, a 13year old, was joking or not and I found out that he was dead serious.

I disputed that and more than fifty percent of the class argued against me and said that Zuma is HIV negative today after having unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman because he took a shower after the act.
This quote as literally washed all anti-AIDS efforts down the drain. I do think this deserves more media hype or some kind of drastic damage control.

Dear Jacob Zuma (please feel free to copy this question and ask Mr Zuma if you get the chance):

After tarnishing anti-AIDS efforts and trivialising the prevention of AIDS, due to your idea and statement which now has serious implications, especially with our youth, how do you propose to tackle the issue of AIDS prevention and education now?

By: Gregor | Thursday, June 15 at Thursday, June 15, 2006 | |

Not even Star Trek saw this coming

Not even Star Trek saw this one coming.

It is a sliding door of distinctive technological innovation. The Fukuda automatic door opens just enough to fit the precise profile of the person or the object that is passing through it. The portal saves energy by keeping a door from having to open and close all the way, which according to popgadget and gizmodo japan, helps to maintain a stable temperature in a room, and can prevent dirt, bugs or other materials from entering. In addition to people, this doorway can even be used to accommodate a car coming through a garage door.

Apparently it will be most useful for people who are handicapped or cannot manage to open and close the doors very easily. It is still a prototype, but here is the official website, and it also allows you to practise your Japanese a bit.

I wonder how fast it can open and close, or if it could be set up to do a retinal scan before opening? It could be quite useful here in SA when we need to escape those darn intruders and our trelly doors have malfunctioned.

By: Gregor | at Thursday, June 15, 2006 | |

Virtual Replay - take control over the World Cup

Steffen Fjaervik, posted on Poynter about a virtual replay service, offered by BBC Sport. You can choose highlights of all the 2006 Soccer World Cup and watch all the goals from different angles and point of views. This is really a fan-tastic application. You can choose to watch the highlights from the referees point of view, from any side, any player, even from the balls perspective.

Watch Philip Lahm as he scores this World Cup s first goal or check out the highlights from the Italy vs. Ghana game, one of the best matches ever in my opinion!

You will need Shockwave to utilise this virtual soccer field. Have fun!

By: Gregor | Tuesday, June 13 at Tuesday, June 13, 2006 | |

Pick 'n Pay notice cyberspace complaint

After my cyber complaint, on HelloPeter and on my blog about the chicken I bought at Pick n Pay 2 weeks ago, I finally have received some apologetic phone calls.

I did get an email 36hours after filing my complaint at HelloPeter, asking if I have been contacted by Pick n Pay or not. Today there was a comment stating:

Hello Greg
Thank you for your comments, I have sent your message to the General
Manager of the region, who will contact you shortly.
Kind Regards
Mary - Anne Hattingh

Anyways, John, who phoned me from the Grahamstown Pick n Pay sounded quite confused when he told me that my complaint was in cyber space already, and that is why it took some time to get back to me.

My post, entitled Pick and get Sick - how to gag before you dine was also listed on Pick n Pay s Google Finance page, in the news section.

With the compensation on its way and some very friendly and apologetic phone calls I am quite impressed to have gotten this feedback from their management. So, two thumbs up for posting your complaint on your blog, listing it on HelloPeter and being patient, then again, maybe it takes less time when bringing back the product straight away.

By: Gregor | Monday, June 12 at Monday, June 12, 2006 | |

Time to re-brand Africa

It is easier to hear the sound of a falling tree in the forest, than of
seeds sprouting or young trees growing up.
Sabine Christiansen, Germany s top talk show host, asked her guests in a recent edition of Global Players, during the World Economic Forum on Africa, whether Africa can resolve its crises and re-brand itself as a continent of opportunity rather than one plagued by disease, corruption and strife and whose business is it to help Africa grow.

According to The African Uptimist, there were insightful observations, frank talk, and thoughtful suggestions throughout the excellently moderated episode. The guests felt that the media tendency to focus mainly on negative news is a large part of the discussed problem. Alternative voices are needed to tell the success stories that are also happening daily in Africa, stories of individuals and groups discovering new solutions to old problems, winning the fight against hunger, poverty, disease, corruption, and conflict.

At one point, Trevor Manuel used a powerful anecdote to illustrate the nature of the re-branding challenge: it is easier to hear the sound of a falling tree in the forest, than of seeds sprouting or young trees growing up.

This comes in time where even the South African deputy president, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, has told Western newspaper editors to stop generalising about Africa and concentrate more on the continent s success stories.

Mlambo-Ngcuka said in her speech to the world s press, that editors have been making choices on how they see Africa, and they have tended to see the dark side.

The problem was also highlighted by Buckland, who whilst participating at the We Media conference in London last month became irritated at what he saw was the stereotyping and patronising of Africa.

He said that it is often unwitting and borne largely out of ignorance of this continent, with knowledge based on what is seen in the (generally negative) news and the movies. And this conference claims to bring together the trailblazers of the connected society, the thinkers, innovators, investors, executives and activists seeking to tap the potential of digital networks connecting people everywhere

The African Uptimist further states that the African blogosphere is emerging as a global player and partner in the re-branding of Africa. The content is increasingly focused, capturing real successes on the ground, reaching an ever larger global audience. Notable players in this group include Emekar Okafor's Timbuktu Chronicles, Erik's White African and AfriGadget, Ethan Zukerman's my heart is in accra.

By: Gregor | Wednesday, June 7 at Wednesday, June 07, 2006 | |

Shilo, Odovacar, Spawning, and 19 000 killed

This is just too good not to jump onto the bandwagon. Whilst Jason covers the entertainment section and has posted about the whole Brangilna affair, here is an interesting and different stance on things. I read Tom Eaton s latest column in the Mail and Guardian, it is fantastic! His depiction of the spawning of Shilo (Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt) is just too hysterical! And the name giving scene is quite funny. Here is a short extract:
She shall be named Shilo. Bradley Pitt from Springfield, Missouri, nodded reverentially. I can dig it. A holy name. A biblical place of peace. It is spiritual. Like Las Vegas. No, she continued. I was thinking of...oh, what was that quaint term you use? The Civil War? Oh Shiloh, my Shiloh - 19 000 killed or wounded in 48 hours.

Well, I hope the spawn is healthy and will get tought the right definition of its name. And if you are busy trying to figure out a name for you re newly born, the internet always has a solution. This one is good! BehindTheName.com allows you to specifically choose a name based on categories that you can choose. For example:

How about a little bit of African, Latvian and Maori, mixed with Norse Mythology, Ancient Germanic and Biblical influences: Odovacar Jesse

By: Gregor | at Wednesday, June 07, 2006 | |

Midget warfare? No, Childs Gas Hood (3 to 8 years old)

Even though these products are not indented to yank humour, the sad part of all this is the fact that people see nuclear / biological warfare serious enough to protect their infants and children. These products reflect certain notions and actions that have been created, well done.

I do not really know how to comment on this. Kinda speechless.

This hood is designed for children of 3 to 8 years old. The kit protects the head and the respiratory system. It is comfortable to wear and allows a wide field of vision. The kit includes a blower airflow unit, which creates positive pressure thus preventing contaminated air from entering the hood.

Supplied with a drinking tube and powered by 4 x 123A (3v.) Lithium batteries. Supplied in an easy to carry case with a handle and shoulder strap.

Thanks to MedGadget and Engadget, and of course Spycatcher.

By: Gregor | Monday, June 5 at Monday, June 05, 2006 | |

Map your blog's network

This is an interesting way to graph your blog network although no information is available on the nature of each link, it is simply a nice visual effects.

Check your blogs network linking here.

This application was built by Sala, whose application has generated over 400 000 graphs in the past couple of days since the applet has been promoted online.

According to Sala, this has also kicked-off her alter ego art-project, onethousandpaintings.com.

The project has really taken off. And this is how it works:

One number, one painting. The number is the art is the limit is the price. Each of the one thousand paintings is unique, showing a number between 1 and 1000. This is an experiment of art and mathematics, on the web, the first of its kind. The value of each painting is defined by its number (value = 1000 - number). The earlier you buy, the more you save. It really is an interesting idea, and seemingly a successful one too.

By: Gregor | Sunday, June 4 at Sunday, June 04, 2006 | |

Creating a Buzz around the Swarm

I downloaded a Firefox extension to run this application, called Swarm. It seems like an interesting concept and also offers a great opportunity to procrastinate.

Swarm shows you what websites people are visiting, right now, whilst you are reading this, typing your email or commenting on gregoogle.

It is a graphical map of hundreds of websites, all connecting to each other and updates itself every second with where people are going and coming from. As sites become more popular, they move towards the centre of the swarm and grow larger. Conversely, sites that lose traffic move away from the centre and grow smaller.
It is a useful tool for browsing the web, not searching it. You need to come here with an open mind and you may find some really cool stuff. Swarm allows you to chat about any link you see. When you see a little chat icon flash, it means people are actively chatting about that link. You do not have to wait for the icon to appear, you can begin talking about any link you find.

Swarm gets its data from a Firefox extension that you can optionally download. When you download the extension, websites you visit are anonymously sent to

And if you are concerned that your daily porn or dating site it being followed then you can just add those websites to a list which do not get sent to Swarm.

By: Gregor | Saturday, June 3 at Saturday, June 03, 2006 | |

Adsense takes the place of valid and important content (?)

I know I have been posting alot about Google, and as much as I use many of their products, as much I am also critical about their function and uses.

This is if you want Google-bashing, because it is Google that brings this topic forward, as much as it would be Yahoo or MSN-bashing if they would do this.

Have a look at the accompanying heat map, presented by Google, who propose that the indicated coloured areas (especially the darker shades of orange) are the locations on your website that users tend to focus on, so either plonk your Adsense there or around it. Now, websites are using this to stick Adsense smack bam in the middle of the page and over flood what was once good content with distracting ads.

Well, I do admit, the premise seems plausible, but since various websites have initiated this concept it clearly has not become the focal area of my attention any longer. Now half the pages are filled with Google Adsense where content once lead on to each other, and one has to scroll down to read accompanying text.

This is extremely annoying, and whoever tells me that they focus on the centre of the page now, especially since advertisements are placed there, must be clearly cross eyed! It personally leads me to close the page and look for something easier to navigate.

The centre of the page was most probably proclaimed the focal hotspot because it once had content which was relevant and placed directly under the headline. This idea and its implementations of positioning advertising in the centre of the page will definitely bewilder many viewers.

Buckland, who posted about this a while ago, stated that Google uses the heat map as a guide to show you where you should position Adsense on your site, or any other kind of advert for that matter, or if you do not like adverts just put important content there.

But, and, however, since Adsense is easy to get hold of, and since people get hold of it to earn their monthly $1.30, they have taken this guide way too literally. See this page as an example, and let me know what you think.

By: Gregor | Thursday, June 1 at Thursday, June 01, 2006 | |